Rabeet Fatmi

Software Engineer


I am a recent grad of Florida Polytechnic University, where I majored in Information & Innovation Technology. My M.S. thesis involved the design and implementation of a system to translate American Sign Language to Speech using Machine Learning techniques and wearable devices.
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I was an avid web developer during my college days. Some examples of my work include:

Projects I have worked on

I. Polyglot Persistence - Web application

II. Java Message Board - Desktop Application

III. Raspberry-Pi controlled rover using Embedded C

Embedded-C to give a Raspberry-Pi wheels!

IV. JEA - Java Educational App

Collaborated with a friend to develop Android application that teaches Java programming language concepts one is likely to see in a job interview. Watch video here.

V. Super Tic Tac Toe game

Implemented the MiniMax Algorithm to create a playable java version of the Super Tic Tac Toe against an AI. Download JAR file here to play.

VI. AutoGrader for C++ programming assignments

Developed an online compiler/grader for C++ programs to be used by the university. Written in Ruby on Rails. See it live here (hosted at FGCU) or here.

VII. Hertz Damage Assess - Admin Backend

Hertz Damage Assess backend for storing pictures and transactions built with Ruby on Rails for Hertz Hackathon Jan 24, 2015. This project won first prize. Frontend demo video or Backend demo.